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Anal sacs, sometimes mistakenly referred to as anal glands, are two small structures located between the internal and external sphincter muscles. Each sac is lined with both sebaceous and apocrine glands whose combined secretions produce a semi-oil foul smelling brown liquid. Get in the habit of checking your dogs anal glands for swelling, infection, or other problems. Have your veterinarian show you how to express anal glands so you can do it at home if necessary. Report any infection or anal gland complications to your vet. Carcinoma of the anal gland occurs on the rear end of dogs, and are found on the anus, in it, or on the edge where the haired skin starts. Sometimes they can be found only by doing a rectal exam, which is a good reason every senior (or early senior) dog should have a rectal exam, even females. When considering all data, the estimated median survival time for patients with anal sac apocrine gland adenocarcinoma is between 1. 3,9,12 whenever possible surgery to remove the primary tumor is recommended followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. A definite survival advantage was seen in patients whose treatment protocols included surgery. Each anal gland has an associated duct that opens to the skin surface just lateral to the anus. 136,155 normal anal gland secretions have only very recently been described 47 and vary markedly the color can be white, brown, orange, yellow, tan or gray, and consistency can range from watery to thick and creamy, with two thirds of cats having solid portions within the secretion. The first stage of treatment for anal gland adenocarcinoma is surgical resection, which in many cases can be curative. The anal sac is located between the external and internal anal sphincters. In the past, making a large 6 to 12 inch incision in the abdomen, flank, or back was necessary for removal of an adrenal gland tumor. Today, with the technique known as minimally invasive surgery, removal of the adrenal gland (also known as laparoscopic adrenalectomy) can be performed through three or four 14-12 inch incisions. Personalized and individual care for pets and clients when our clients entrust us with the surgical care of their pets, we take that responsibility very seriously. We never cut corners, so we can ensure our charges have the absolute best in patient safety, stress relief, and pain control. Kishore v alapati from apollo health city hyderabad & gi & colorectal surgeon talks about anal fistula, an infection that starts in anal gland.

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